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Save your users time

Mar 21 2012 Published by under design,startups,ui,ux,web development

I hopped on the bus the other day to head over to the Mission. A young man hopped on right behind me. Unlike me, however, he decided to forego paying, which the driver noticed and decided to address. The driver, a short angry man, yelled at the kid for a full three minutes before the kid finally caved to the immense social pressure of 20 angry pairs of eyes on him. He nonchalantly hopped off. Life went on.

I was mad at this stupid kid who managed to waste three minutes of my time. But then I considered the other people on the bus and realized he had wasted an hour of timeРall of it spread across 20 people, frustrated and bored on a bus. What a jerk!

And then I realized web developers do this all the time.

The next time you skip adjusting that lightbox height, or forego styling that button element, remember the extra time your users are going to spend paying for your laziness.

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Too much grey

Mar 07 2012 Published by under design,web development

It’s safe. It’s easy. It’s greyscale.

I feel like people fall back on grey too much in web design. I know I used to.

Deciding to contribute instead of just complain, I turned my grey gripes into a website to help other grey users: Stop Using Grey!


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